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Joseph William Bayles lived from 1868 until 1948. Today his descendents (approximately 80) live scattered all over the United States. This website is by and for this extended Bayles family: to communicate and share family news, history, images and information. The family held reunions in 1992 and 1997, in Colorado, and some of the ideas for this site evolved from discussions at those reunions. The site was created for Christmas 1999, by Philip Bayles, with help from David and Spencer, as a present to the family. Philip will maintain (webmaster) the site, at least until the next family reunion in 2002. All family members are encouraged to participate and contribute.

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Presently the site includes the following:

The descendants of Joseph William Bayles.
A directory of family email addresses.
Family pictures.

Ernest Bayles Autobiographical Letter to Lucene