An Album of Bayles Family Pictures

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an enhanced digital image of a xerox of a rubbing of a brass gravemarker in an English Church, presumed to be a 1588 Bayles Family crest.

A hooked rug created by Lucene Bayles, based on the same Bayles family crest above

A very early photograph of Joseph William Bayles' father John

A very early photograph of Joseph William Bayles' mother Susanna

This is the Manhattan Kansas Farm owned by John Charles Bayles. Joseph William Bayles grew up here.

An 1878 picture of the John Bayles family: from left to right, Rachel, Sarah, John, Ellen, Joseph (JW Bayles), Benjamin (standing), Suzannah, Ruth, Lydia, and Johnnie.

Joseph William Bayles about 1920.

JW Bayles' wife Leora Potter (Lillie) Bayles about 1920.

A picture,about 1920, showing left to right, sitting, J.W. Bayles, Gordon Bayles and Lillie Bayles, and standing l to r, M. Ward Bayles and Ernest Bayles. Gordon Bayles died shortly after this of diabetes.

a 1947 photo of Joseph William Bayles, his son Ernest, his son Spencer, and his son Philip

A 1908 photo of Lucene Spencer (Bayles), in Iola Kansas at age 12, airborne in a kite made by her friends the Northrup brothers.

Digital snapshots of family members at the 1997 reunion in Colorado (may load slowly)

Dr Spencer Bayles

Shannon, Jin Joo, John, and Ezra

John and Jin Joo, Christmas eve, 1999

Philip and Ann

David Bayles, self portrait, New Year's Day 2000.

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